Strategy and Innovation

shift supports your company to identify opportunities for innovation, and to develop a digital strategy for the future.

Product and Service Design

Human-centered design is at the core of shift's philosophy. Working within your teams, shift co-creates, tests and refines meaningful digital products and services.

Design Coaching

Many of today's business problems require novel solutions. Organizations need to think like designers, taking time to tinker and test, and being willing to fail early and often. shift supports your company to implement and strengthen design processes.


shift believes in creativity and collaboration as essential components for teams and organizations to thrive innovation and success in a fast-changing world. shift acts as advisor and partner in the definition and creation of outstanding digital products and services.

shift is Fabian Künzli

Fabian Künzli, Digital Consultant, has been co-creating digital strategies, products, and services for various teams and companies of different industries in the past ten years. Fabian has a background in computer science and design and is able to combine both areas in order to create meaningful products and services.